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Joe’s new SHIFTWHY initiative kicks off! SHIFTWHY is a national initiative to transform the sports culture by providing a blueprint for systemic change that centers on Awareness, Alignment, Action and Accountability. To accomplish this type of systemic cultural shift we must clearly define the purpose of sports in children's lives and then align school communities around the purpose.


The NFL is committed to promoting healthy relationships and preventing incidents of domestic violence and sexual assault. As a coach you play a critical role in shaping the character of our next generation of leaders, and we’re issuing a call to coaches to talk to your team about these important societal issues. To assist, they have created a video, speaking to the importance of addressing these topics early and often.


"A team is a relationship for a cause,"  Joe Ehrmann
Recently he has been working with NFL Player Engagement department to help expand the scope of life-skills training and education at all levels of football.

CNN Interviews Joe on NFL domestic violence education video

Joe Turns Minnesota InSideOut – Hear The Impact!

Based on our InSideOut book and philosophy, Why We Play, a statewide program committed to improving the quality and character of their athletics, was launched in Minnesota.

Joe Ehrmann Interviewed by CNN

Miami Dolphin's Players Martin and Incognito Controversy
"What about the 'bystanders' who knew, watched, and did nothing? If this was happening, they all knew...Seems to me there is a lack of moral courage and moral clarity by many on that team."


Joe speaks about the three scariest words every man receives in his life time: "Be A Man!" 2013

Joe received Positive Coaching Alliance's Ronald L. Jensen Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2014 National Youth Sports Awards

Joe contributes to the new documentary about masculinity, The Mask You Live In, releasing in 2014

A Message from Joe

InSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives is an accumulation of my lifetime spent in sports as a player, coach and trainer of coaches. It is a book that we hope will encourage and challenge you to turn your struggles, errors and misfortunes into lessons that will make you a coach who instills a sense of community; is a better classroom leader; a clearer and more empathetic communicator; an advocate of healthy and constructive competition and a men

HBO Real Sports, Part 2

Tony Dungy's Red Zone '09, Part 1

Tony Dungy introduces Joe Ehrmann, speaking on building character, for Red Zone ’09, a national kickoff event for the high school football season.

Tony Dungy's Red Zone '09, Part 2

Verizon Domestic Violence Summit 2009

See the conference highlights where Joe Ehrmann serves as keynote guest speaker for Verizon Foundation’s annual conference in the fight against Domestic Violence.

Joe Ehrmann – On Community

See an excerpt from Joe’s signature keynote as he sets the stage for defining what constitutes a team.

Joe Ehrmann – On Life

Joe inspires audiences to make a difference.