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What We Do • Community Focus

Education • Government • Faith-Based

Coach for America believes in and supports a multi-systemic approach to change. Our goal is to provide fundamental resources that support healthy and productive change not only within the individual but within communities. We present keynotes and training for educators and mentors as well as faith-based, non-profit and government organizations.

The InSideOut philosophy sees every person as a person of influence. We desire to help you create a tipping point in your world of influence to accomplish whatever is needed to carry your organization and community forward. When you establish a relationship with Coach for America, expect to become a catalyst for inspirational, life-altering results that will produce extraordinary personal and professional breakthroughs empowering you to become a positive influence at home, work and in your community for generations to come.


The InSideOut Half Day Core Seminar is a three hour course designed to help teachers and mentors define their purpose, mission statement, values and goals. This intense half day provides the key elements necessary for you to formulate a clear philosophy along with the basic components for building an InSideOut Teaching and Mentoring system that will enable you to make life changing impact on your students, other teachers and your communities of influence.

Customized Seminars provide you with the opportunity to design our core seminar around the special focus and needs of your group and/or community. Contact us with your vision and we will help make it a reality.


Keynotes are an effective way to launch and mobilize your vision to a broad group.  Change often begins with inspiration and encouragement.  Below are frequently requested titles and topics.

  • Gender Violence/Dating Abuse
  • Leadership/Mentoring and Teamwork
  • Building Virtue that Conquers Giants
  • Moving Our Kids from a Virtual World to a Virtuous Life

We welcome the opportunity to customize a keynote based on your needs. Contact us for more information today.