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InSideOut Core Seminar

Gallop poll reports that companies with a critical mass of employee engagement grow earnings at a rate of 2.6 times higher. This full day, 6-hour workshop is designed to help companies build effective teams by assisting managers, team leaders and employees in defining and developing individual and team mission statements, values, goals and objectives. This seminar promises to improve your team's emotional intelligence and capacity to manage self and others more effectively, significantly increasing productivity as well as employee engagement. Take care of your people and your business in this one day life changing seminar. This seminar is offered as a one day course or in two parts on two separate 3-hour scheduled dates.

InSideOut Half Day Core Seminar

This 3-hour, intense workshop promises to engage your team, build management skills and increase overall effectiveness. Based on a solid foundation of social neuroscience and attachment research, InSideOut Leadership principles are presented uniquely and passionately to bring energy and vision to your work community.


Coach for America: Rebuilding a Winning Culture

Repeated surveys show that passionate workers are more likely to drive organizations forward. Named "The Most Important Coach in America", by Parade Magazine and recognized nationally for his work effecting positive social change, Joe Ehrmann presents with conviction and compassion, the essential elements for building an enthusiastic and winning work culture to move forward in this new millennium with transformative strategies for tomorrow's reality.

Purpose, Principles, Values and Virtues: Make Them Drive Your Bottom Line

In Ethisphere's 2009 List of the World's Most Ethical Companies Report, the selected companies outperformed the S&P 500 by a significant and growing margin over the past five years. Join the growing list of top companies that understand the true value of the triple bottom line where people, planet and profit all prosper. Joe Ehrmann will inspire your managers to become passionate change agents where employees and customers become your company's best advocates.

Being on the Team vs. Being a Teammate: Strong Teammates Build Winning Teams

When team members know they affect the outcome of the game, it changes the way they play! More than ever, employees are feeling the stress of the current climate and need to know that their contributions are valuable. With decades of experience as teammate and coach, Joe Ehrmann passionately communicates the importance of each team member's active and effective participation. Challenge your team members with this timely keynote that promises to encourage, energize and strengthen your team.

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