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InSideOut Core Seminar

The InSideOut Core Seminar is a six hour, full day course designed to help coaches maximize their coaching platforms, significantly impact their players and build winning teams. Supported by a core understanding of social neuroscience and attachment research, participants engage in a process that challenges them to define their true purpose as coaches and to develop their mission statement, values, goals and game plan for implementing their own custom-designed InSideOut Coaching program. This seminar is offered as a one day course or in two parts on two separate 3-hour scheduled dates.

InSideOut Half Day Core Seminar

The InSideOut Half Day Core Seminar is a three hour course designed to help coaches define their purpose, mission statement, values and goals. This intense half day provides the key elements necessary for coaches to formulate a clear coaching philosophy along with the basic components for building an InSideOut Coaching system that will enable them to make life changing impact on their players, other coaches and their communities of influence.


Coach for America: Coaching for Change

Hear Joe Ehrmann's signature keynote message that has inspired and challenged hundreds of thousands to rethink and redefine the place and purpose of sports in America. Based on the New York Times Bestseller, Season of Life, this timely keynote, expressed with passion and backed by Joe's commitment to revolutionizing sports, is a must-hear for all athletic and educational communities.

Coaching with Purpose: The Why's Behind the X's and O's

Named "The Most Important Coach in America" by Parade Magazine for his work transforming the culture of sports, Joe Ehrmann harnesses the power, purpose and responsibility of coaching. Through strategic and intentional focus, he inspires coaches to take their teams to the next level of success, on and off the field.

Sports and Gender: What's Sex Got To Do With It Anyway?

Joe Ehrmann's life experience and insight bring wisdom and clarity to current issues that are surrounded by confusion and misunderstanding. In this engaging and challenging keynote, Joe takes on the problem of destructive and damaging myths and stereotypes that are perpetuated by culture and played out in the sports arena. Be prepared to address these critical issues as coaches, teachers, parents and community leaders who are enlightened and encouraged to become part of the solution to a problem plaguing our youth.

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